Thursday, December 2, 2010


Phi Phi Island Tour, Snorkelling #3

2010-Aug-04 (this time snorkelling place).

 2009-March (last time snorkelling place was awesome).

This is a Snorkelling site near Viking Cave. The water is crystal clear and we have a chance to see different kinds of fish. Some tourists taking photo/video of underwater using water proof camera. The coral reef are very beautiful. I can say it is like cauliflower or cabbage plantation under water.

To do snorkeling, our boat stopped at the place where the water is not deep enough to do snorkeling (compared to my snorkeling experience in 2009) . So some people get wounded by coral reef including me (small cuts on my feet).

Location : Viking Cave @ Phi Phi Island

Date Taken : 04-Aug-2010

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