Monday, November 1, 2010


Wat Arun , Bangkok

If you happen to go this pagoda or surrounding pagodas like Wat Po / Wat Phra Khaew, be careful of scams. There are so many scams who will approach you and say that "This pagoda is closed today for some reason and he will send you other very famous pagoda which open now."

I already knew this kind of scam before I went to Bangkok for the first time. And as I expected the scam approached me and said "this Wat Arun is closed today,You can go xxxx Pagoda which is very famous and a lot of HOLLYWOOD STAR come and visit." Does he think I am one of the HOLLYWOOD STAR? Just kiding.

I just ignored what they said and finally the Wat Arun is OPEN.

To go Wat Arun, you have to took ferry from Tha Thien Pier which cost 3 Baht per person (1 way).

Location : Wat Arun Pagoda, Bangkok
Date Taken :11-Aug-2010

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