Monday, December 27, 2010


Bugis Streamboat (Singapore)

Left side Tom Yam and right side Ma la soup. I recommend Tom Yam Soup.

It is S$18 per person Streamboat @ Bugis, Singapore. It is very reasonable price and included free flow drink, eat all you can raw meat (crab, prawn, chicken, beef,mutton, meat balls) and vegetable.

In some stalls, $18 does not include drink and some you have to pay for how much you eat. I tried one stall which  calculate on how much you eat, ended up paying S$25.

No surprise this stall have long queue.

Location : Bugis, Singapore

Date Taken : 18-Dec-2010


  1. Could you please provide the full address aslast time we could not find any steam boat restaurant and end up with Seoul Garden. thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,

    I couldn't remember the shop and address, so I asked my friend and she told it is called "F&J Cafeteria" on 87 Beach Road, #01-02, Bugis. It is food court during day time and afternoon become steamboat stall.

    For less confusion, look for a sign board $18 in front of this stall since there are so many streamboat stall nearby doesn't show the price.

    Hope this help.


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