Friday, December 3, 2010


Phi Phi Island Tour, Money Island #4

xie xie ni.

 It is so delicious.

I am so full, gonna have a nap. U guy are not leaving yet huh?

After snorkeling, our boat stopped about 20 minutes at monkey island. The guide told us these money are wild and might aggressive. But they look very happy to see people visiting to the island because people bring food sand feed them.

Oh just remember the joke which our guide told us, when we were alighting from the boat the guide passed banana to the tourists to feed  the money and said "Keep ur own Banana Safe ". Because most of the guy out there are wearing swimsuit. 

Hey, Hey wait wait I haven't eaten yet. Leave your banana here.

We are leaving from monkey island and heading to Phi Phi Don island for lunch.

Location : Money Island @ Phi Phi Island

Date Taken : 04-Aug-2010

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