Thursday, January 6, 2011


Cute stray cat of Singapore

Cat sitting in front of the lift and block the way.

He is a stray cat and stay at the door step of Malay house on 6 th floor of my block. I always see him sitting or sleeping in front of the lift area or in front of that Malay house and he always make my day.  Since he is very fat, he always sleep like a human, may be next time I take a photo of him napping. Sometime he sleep just outside the lift door so I worry some careless people step on him. If I saw I always bring him to safer place for sleep.

He is so clever, even thought staying near lift he never go inside the lift, never go other floor or ground floor where other stray cats stay. He only observes the world from 6th floor balcony.

What if he go inside the lift and reach to the ground floor? I think he won't smart enough to go back his place and may be he think it is an another planet.

I am not sure what the Malay house feed him to get this figure, when I tried to feed cat food, he don't even smell it properly and go away. :o

Anyway, he is a well treated stray cat.


  1. so lovely
    I want that cat!!
    Please upload more photos of him.

    Can I save this photo on my desktop?
    Thank you

  2. WooW, so lovely cat ...
    Especially, I love cat's eye.

    Perfect shot, Ko Tun Tun.

  3. Su kyaw -> Thank for the kind comment.

    To Anonymous -> I have a few photo of him in previous posts. You can save and use.

    Tun Tun

  4. s’. Despite being good for them, many cats don’t like drinking water, especially if it’s still or standing water. cat food reviews


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