Sunday, January 2, 2011


Phi Phi Island Tour, Khai Nok Island #6

Khai Nok Island is waiting for us. It is the second snorkeling site of Phi Phi Island Tour. The island is quite small you can explore the whole island within 10 minutes walk.

The water is crystal clear and the sand is snow white.

Those umbrellas are so beautiful under the blue sky.

People feeds bread, banana, water melon to those green fish. Sometime they nibble your hand, leg etc. If you go further/deeper you can see more kind of beautiful/colorful fishes. I saw fish like a snake with long tail.

After snorkeling, we have a few minutes to spend in this island. Some people
- walk around the island,
- drink coconut, juice, ice cream
- relax under the umbrella


It is time to leave Khai Nok island around 3:30 pm. That's it for our Phi Phi island tour itinerary. We really enjoyed our trip on that day except the strong wave which really made me worry but luckily we all put life jacket on.

A few photo taken on the way back from Phi Phi Island tour. 

When we arrived back to the pier, our tour taxi driver fetched us and sent us to hotel straight.  It was such a fun tour with 1050 Baht per person. It is quite a cheap price we get. In my first time in 2009, I paid 1600 baht for the same tour.

 We felt very tired and hungry, so we had some noodle on road side stall. Notice that the food portion in Thailand is very small for me. No wonder Thai girl are so skinny. No choice I have to order 2 plates of noodles, to make my tummy satisfy.

The noodle taste is nothing comparable with our Shan noodle but I love the smell of that green leaves.


  1. Very nice photos of Phi Phi island and Khai island.
    How much you pay for this trip?

  2. 1150 baht per person with speed boat. ( I think it is cheap coz of moonson season),

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