Thursday, March 31, 2011


Mandalay Assorted Fritters (မႏၱေလးအေၾကာ္စံု)

 I was there to eat assorted fritters with sticky rice for breakfast. I was there around 6:30 am and I think I was the first customer. 

This stall is quite popular for variety choice of foods in one place. You can have different kinds of Myanmar foods like (fritters, salad, soup, seasonal fruit juice etc-)  and the price is very reasonable. The business hour is early morning till evening. 

You can choose your favourite fritters from the pile and this is my choice. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Elvin Ng @ NEX shopping mall

When I was shopping in NEX shopping mall (Near Serangoon MRT), I saw the crowd waiting in front of the stage. Since I was with my camera at that time, I just joined the crowd and waiting for someone to come out. And It was him.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Where to eat in Mandalay?

Question from reader
 I chanced upon your blog. I'm going back to MDY after 15 years. Please recommand me some places to eat especially authentic Burmese restaurant. Looking for mee shay, gyi owe, to fu pyaw, shan khourt shwe, mone hnin pone just to name a few.
Thank you

Answer from Blogger
Hi, thank for reading my blog. Let me share my knowledge regarding to Mandalay Food
with my own rating. Which might different from other

For  Authentic Burmese restaurant,
1. Aye Myit Tar Restaurant (On 81 street, between 36x37 street)
Taste  - 5 stars
Price  - 5 stars
Free flow side dishes - 5 stars

Taste  - 5 stars
Price  - 3 stars (quite expensive) (18000 kyat per persons as of sep-2010)
Free flow side dishes - 5 stars

Taste  - 5 stars
Price  - 5 stars
Free flow side dishes - 3 stars (only a few choices)

For Nan Gyi Toke,
Near Zay Cho market
Taste - 5 stars
Price - 3 stars (1500 kyats par plate as of sep-2010)

For Shan Food,
A lot of shan food vendors selling fresh and cheap shan foods.Where you can have Malar Hin, Shan Noodle, BBQ, Tofu Nway, Myay Oo Mee Shay and a lot lot of Shan & Myanmar food.
Variety - 5 stars
Price - 5 stars
Taste - 5 stars

The place a bit hard to find but you can ask like "Shan Food Stall near Nan Shay, Yay Sit Kan (နန္.ေ၇ွ.၊ေ၇စစ္ကန္)".
Variety - 5 stars
Price - 5 stars
Taste - 5 stars

For Mont Hin Gar,
A lot of outlets in Mandalay.
Price - 4 stars ( quite expensive) 800 kyat per plate as of sep-2010
Taste - 5 stars

A lot of outlets in Mandalay
Price - 5 stars  ( 500 kyat per plate as of sep-2010)
Taste - 5 stars

For Mee Shay,
For me all the Mee Shay stall in Mandalay taste great in their own way.

For Kyay Oo,
There are a lot of Kyay Oo stall from Yangon running in Mandalay. For me I rarely eat Kyay Oo and I don't like to have meal with a lot of meat.

For Si Chat Noodle, ( aka home made egg noodle),

Daw Sin Yong (ေဒၚစင္းယံု)

On 29 street, between 83x84 street
I really recommand this stall for Si Chat Noodle and they also sells Kyay Oo and other kind of chinese food. It is a must try noodle and the best noodle stall in Asia for me.

For Dan Pauk (Briyani),
 Indonesia Dan Pauk

Opposite to Mandalay General Hospital is the best for me.

This is just a few list and  there are a lot a lot more popular food stalls in Mandalay which I never mention.

Hope this help,

Tun Tun

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Maha Muni Image, Mandalay

Like Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon, We have Maha Muni Image in Mandalay. It is a must go place, if you happen to visit Mandalay. There is no entrance fee to go inside but need to pay Camera Tax for tourist.

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