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Maha Muni Image, Mandalay

Like Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon, We have Maha Muni Image in Mandalay. It is a must go place, if you happen to visit Mandalay. There is no entrance fee to go inside but need to pay Camera Tax for tourist.

As far as I know The Maha Muni Image and those statues were brought from Thailand. People believes that touching those statues will bring good health and luck. For example, touch the statue's back if you wish to relief back pain, touch the head if you have headache etc-

I don't know the name of this temple which is standing next to the Maha Muni Image compound and it look amazing.

That pool inside has a lot of cat fishes and tortoises. Those cat fishes seem so desperate for food. When I was standing there one cat fish jump and eat the sparrow alive.  I think that poor sparrow just free from the cage of vendor. So it cannot fly too high. That was so sad.

အရင္တုန္း က မဟာမုနိ ဘုရား  မႏၱေလး အေခၚ ဘုရားၾကီးက အခ်ဥ္ေပါင္းဆိုတာ အင္မတန္မွ နာမည္ၾကီးပါတယ္။  ဘုရားၾကီးသြားရင္ အခ်ဥ္ေပါင္း၀ယ္က်တယ္။ သူမ်ားသြားရင္ ၀ယ္ခဲ့ဖုိ. မွာ ၾကတယ္။ သြားတဲ့သူေတြကလဲ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြ အတြက္ ၀ယ္လာၾကတဲ့ အစဥ္အလာရွိပါတယ္။

အခုဒီဘက္ ေခတ္မွာေတာ့ လမ္းေဘး တြန္းလွည္းနဲ. အခ်ဥ္ေပါင္းေရာင္းတဲ့သူေတြ မ်ားလာေတာ့ ဘုရားၾကီး အခ်ဥ္ေပါင္း သည္ေတြ အလုပ္သိပ္မၿဖစ္လုိ. ထင္ပါတယ္ ဆုိင္အနည္းငယ္ သာေတြ ခဲ့ပါတယ္။ 

Location : Maha Muni Image, Mandalay
Camera : Canon 550D + Tamron 18-270mm
Date Taken : 23-Aug-2010

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