Saturday, April 30, 2011


Mandalay appetizers (ထုိးမုန္.၊ ဆႏြင္းမကင္း၊ကေရကယာ)

မႏၱေလး ဘူတာၾကီးနား  က ၿမင့္ၿမင္ခင္ ထုိးမုန္.ဆုိင္ပါ။ အဲ့ဆုိင္က အၿမဲတမ္း စည္ကားေနတာပဲ။ လူေတြကလဲ ထုိးမုန္.ဆုိ ၿမင့္ၿမင့္ခင္မွ ကုိ ၿဖစ္ေနတာ။ သူမ်ားလက္ေဆာင္ေပးရင္ ၿမင့္ၿမင့္ခင္ ဆုိ တနုိင္ငံလံုးသိတယ္။ တၿခား တံဆိပ္ ဆုိ အေပါစား၀ယ္ေပးတယ္ ထင္မွာ ဆုိးလုိ. အဲမွာပဲ ၀ယ္ၿပီး လက္ေဆာင္ေပးၾကတယ္ ထင္ပါတယ္။

ကြ်န္ေတာ့ အေနနဲ.က ေတာ့ တၿခား သူေလာက္ စားေကာင္းတဲ့ ထုိးမုန္. ဆုိင္ေတြလဲ အမ်ားၾကီး ပါ။ သူက ေၾကာ္ၿငာ အားေကာင္းလုိ.ထင္ပါတယ္။ေစ်းခ်ိဳက ၀ယ္တုိင္း ဘယ္ေလာက္၀ယ္၀ယ္ အပုိထည့္ေပးတဲ့ ေရြနွင္းဆီ ရဲ. ထုိးမုန္.က သူ.ထက္ပုိေကာင္းတယ္ ထင္ပါတယ္ ။ း)
မႏၱေလးက သူေတြကေတာ့ သိမွာပါ။  နယ္ကသူေတြက ေတာ့ ေၾကာ္ၿငာထဲၿမင္တာပဲ အေကာင္းထင္ မွာပါပဲ။

 အနီေရာင္ အထုပ္နဲ.ဟာက မႏၱေလး လမုန္. ေဆးသၾကားနဲ. လုပ္ထားတာ အရမ္းခ်ိဳတယ္။ တခ်ိဳ.လဲ အရမ္းၾကိဳက္တယ္။ ကေလးေတြ သြားပုိးစား ေအာင္ စားတယ္။ ကြ်န္ေတာ္ကေတာ့ သိပ္မၾကိဳက္ဘူး။ ကုိယ့္ပုိက္ဆံနဲ.ေတာ့ ၀ယ္မစားဘူး။  အလကား ေကြ်းရင္ေတာ့ ေကြ်းတဲ့သူ ဒါနေၿမာက္သြားေအာင္ စားေပးပါတယ္။

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Vegetarian Platter

Camera : Canon 550 with Tamron 18-270mm

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Nightlife in Patong beach, Phuket

 So far this is the biggest shopping mall in Patong beach  called Jungceylon . I saw there is another under construction mall in Bangla road.

Shop till you drop, things are very cheap and variety. Carrefour inside the mall is my favourite. And I have tried the cinema inside the mall. The gold class cinema hall is quite big, chairs are very comfortable and big leg room. I almost  fall asleep during the show. 
 This fountain dance with music displays quite often. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Strawberry juice (Burmese style)

 Cool down your weekend with Strawberry juice. I missed Strawberry juice from Mandalay. Strawberry in Myanmar are small in size but it taste better than this bigger strawberry available in Singapore.

 - smash those strawberry , I used my glove on hand =)
- add condensed milk
- add pinch of salt
- add ice tube
 Mix all together. That's it.

 If you buy strawberry juice in Mandalay, they serves it with flaked coconut topping.

Camera : Canon550D + Tamron 18-270mm

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #3

In Min Gun, there are a few art galleries along the street. I am not sure how they can survive by doing this as a business. For me, I don't want to buy that kind of thing and carry along during my trip.

I think they are lucky enough, if visitor buy 1 pc a day. Visitor just stare. I didn't see anyone buying. Some shop don't even have owner. I think they fall asleep while waiting for customer. :D

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #2

Now the ferry arrived the Pier at Min Gun. Life is very basic here. 

From the Min Gun pier, the Pahtodawgyi is just a walking distance which is around 20 minutes. When I arrived at the Pier, the tuk tuk dirver keep following  me to hire his tuk tuk. Even thought I keep saying "No", he followed me until Pahtodawgyi with hope and finally gave up.

I feel sorry for him. But I really don't want to explore Min Gun by Tuk Tuk since every attraction stood close to each other and  easily accessible by walking distance from the Pier.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #1

This pound look good with morning blue sky, so I have to stop driving and took this photo.

We left from home with motorcycle and park our motorcycle at City Theme park located opposite of Mandalay pier.  

 Daily life in Pier. Since 9am boat just left, we have to wait for next boat which should depart 10 am but actually it departed at 10:20am. The ferry fare is 500 kyat per person.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Weekend Egg noodle (ဆီခ်က္ေခါက္ဆြဲ)

I got idea to made Burmese style egg noodle so I bought Egg noodle, roasted pork  and onion spring from NTUC.

It is very easy to make this noodle.

I just mixed with
- salt
- seasoning powder
- light soya sauce
- a few drop of sesame oil
- fried garlic oil.

To answer the comment below. Let me share the noodle packet that I bought from NTUC. But It is available in all Super markets and wet markets. In wet market you can buy it by Kg like we buy thing in Myanmar.

Camera : Canon 550D+Tamron 18-270mm

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Crane Dance @ Resort World Sentosa

I have missed this show a few time. Either it was too early to wait for the show or already over or under maintenance. But this time, I was there about 8pm, so I had to wait around 1 hour to watch the show. 

This Crane Dance show @ Resort World Sentosa is free of everyone. It starts at 9 pm every night. The show lasts around 7-8 minutes.

Location : Resort World Sentosa
Camera : Canon 550D + Tamron 18-270mm

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