Sunday, April 10, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #1

This pound look good with morning blue sky, so I have to stop driving and took this photo.

We left from home with motorcycle and park our motorcycle at City Theme park located opposite of Mandalay pier.  

 Daily life in Pier. Since 9am boat just left, we have to wait for next boat which should depart 10 am but actually it departed at 10:20am. The ferry fare is 500 kyat per person.

This is how to get to the boat. You need to have the skill of balance your body. But people are get used to it.

 This is a tourist boat only 2 persons (a couple). I think they have to pay a lot  to rent the boat.

 Floating houses give me a Taste of Inn Lay where I planning to go this August.

 Can you see the Giant Pahtoo Daw Gyi over there? We are getting closer.
I want to take nap there.

 This PaHtoo Daw Gyi is very huge. People says this is just a base of the Tower. If this Tower is completed 100%, I cannot imaging how huge will it be.

How to get Min Gun?

1. By Car
I think the route from Mandalay to Min Gun is via Sagaing. So it is more far and take long time. But people who scare of take boat will choose this option.

2. By Boat
I think it is the best option to get to Min Gun from Mandalay. Traveling time is around 30 minutes. There are 2 kind of boat, one for local and one for tourist. Tourist cannot take the cheap 500 Kyat per person boat. 

Camera : Canon 550D + Tamron 18-270mm 

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  1. all r amazing photos! make me miss mother land... thanks a lot giving me a chance to see and i already saved a few photos.. would u mind?


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