Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #2

Now the ferry arrived the Pier at Min Gun. Life is very basic here. 

From the Min Gun pier, the Pahtodawgyi is just a walking distance which is around 20 minutes. When I arrived at the Pier, the tuk tuk dirver keep following  me to hire his tuk tuk. Even thought I keep saying "No", he followed me until Pahtodawgyi with hope and finally gave up.

I feel sorry for him. But I really don't want to explore Min Gun by Tuk Tuk since every attraction stood close to each other and  easily accessible by walking distance from the Pier.

This is the Buddha inside the Pahtodawgyi. 

 It sun is intense on that day. I have to think twice for climbing to the top of Pahtodawgyi.

 Long stairway to the top of Pahtodawgyi. They not allows you to wear shoe/slipper on the stairway. so people give up don't go up to the top. Since the sun is intense and your foot almost burn once you step on the bricks.

So what people normally do when they go up?

1. run all the way up to the top instead of walking slowly.
2. pick leaves from nearby tree put it along the stair and step on it to protect their foot from intense heat

Finally, I decided to go up to the top of Pahtodawgyi. I used leaves to protect my foot from heat along the stairway. I cannot run since the weather is so hot and very exhausted. 

As you can see on the photo above. People put stick with the wish of protecting Pahtodawgyi from falling down.

Ok, now i reached the top. This is not the first time I reached the top. But only a few people can make it and it is a worth visit. The scenery from the top is spectacular.

 This is the nearby Shin Phyu Mal or Mya Thein Tan Stupa.

 People stacks debris bricks to show their wishes of  Pahtodawgyi to complete. In my opinion, it is quite dangerous. What about this brick stacks drop on the visitors below?

Giant lion butt which guarding Pahtodawgyi.

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