Thursday, April 14, 2011


Trip to Min Gun #3

In Min Gun, there are a few art galleries along the street. I am not sure how they can survive by doing this as a business. For me, I don't want to buy that kind of thing and carry along during my trip.

I think they are lucky enough, if visitor buy 1 pc a day. Visitor just stare. I didn't see anyone buying. Some shop don't even have owner. I think they fall asleep while waiting for customer. :D

 This is the Min Gun Bell. The World largest ringing  bell until 2000. The weight of the bell is 55,555 viss  or (90,721 Kg). Now the World largest bell is in China according to wikipedia.

You can see people anyhow write on the bell. Nobody care about it.

Hsinbyume or Myatheindan pagoda in Mingun. When this pagoda will be painted Gold?  

Once you step inside the pagoda, a few kid and women will approach you to sell candles and joss sticks for the buddha inside.

They are very desperate,so I have to give up and buy one. I don't want to blame them on it. That is way to survive in Min Gun.

You can have the best view of Phahtoodawgyi from this pagoda.

Buddha inside Hsinbyume Pagoda.

This blue sky are really beautiful.

This direct translation on this photo is quite entertaining. How do you think?. ;)

After Hsinbyume or Myatheindan pagoda, we have no where to go and walk back to the Pier.

Few photos on the way back.

 This building behind the Pier is the "Mingun Elderly Lodge". Not sure it is the correct term to use.

 I was fall asleep while waiting for the ferry. Under a lot of shady tree, feeling the evening breeze is very relaxing.

 Going back to Mandalay. It was around 4 pm and a very hot day. Passenger waiting to board ferry to Mandalay. 

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