Friday, May 20, 2011


Raya Island Tour, Phuket #2 (Siam Bay)

 After spending 1 hour in Coral island, we have to leave to Siam Bay for Buffet lunch. I think our boat is overloaded with a few luggage. Because there are a few hotels in Siam Bay and people going to stay there without returning to Patong Beach on that day. I also wanted to but the hotel look very expensive to me. - 
 This is Raya Island, but our guide called Siam Bay. Ok whatever. The water is Crystal clear and rocks are so beautiful.  Before we reach here, there is a big rain on the way between Coral island -> Raya. We were very scared, even the guide and boat crews looked worry as I can see from their face. The boat was like flying over the sea when big wave come. I thought that day was my last day. :) But we all wear life jacket, so worry level is only 50% .

 I like this bridge, but fell two times on it because it keep moving depend on the wave movement.

 We come this island for buffet lunch and spend a few hour on the island. There is one free shuttle Hilux which send you from arrival place to Restaurant. They said it is only 10 minutes walk so I walked to the restaurant. 

 This is the buffet lunch provided by tour company. After lunch, we have a few hour to spend on the Raya island.

 After lunch we have time to explore around the island. In Thailand "Massage" are everywhere. But i think this Massage should be a serious Massage. :) 

 I am heading to Siam Bay.

 A lot of decorations along the way to Siam Bay.

This is a one big house for rabbits. They look well-fed and the accommodation is very good for them to moving around. I feel really uncomfortable, if I see pets inside the small cage.  Do you feel the same way? 

Walk all the way to the end, Welcome to Siam Bay.

They are so cute, aren't they?  I wanted to buy one.I was busy taking photos of those art work when other swimming at Siam bay.  

After taking these cute statues and crafts, I went out from the shelter and observed Siam Bay.  Even though it is very hot and sunny, people still swimming there. I just took a few photos quickly and go back to the shelter.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron 18-270mm

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