Saturday, May 7, 2011


Weekend Vegetarian Shan Noodle with eggs

Don't know why, I really prefer Shan Noodle/Tofu Nway without meat. Some people may say egg is not vegetarian. OK lah, then semi-vegetarian Shan Noodle.

Just want to share a few photos for Vegetarian Shan noodle which I cooked during weekend.

Camera - Canon550D + Tamron 18-270mm


  1. what is that green vege you put on top of the noodle. i like that but dunno what's it called

  2. To Anonymous,

    I am not sure how to call it in English, but My Mother called ပဲရြက္ in Mandalay.

  3. thanks. i already argued with mom about that. :P
    i told her its ပဲရြက္ but she said it is not. LOLz
    but she doesn't know what it's called either :D

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Where are you from? If you are from Singapore, you can buy that vege in any wet market and super market. It is really perfect match with shan noodle or tofu nway.

    Tun Tun


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