Friday, May 13, 2011


Zay Cho Night Market & ၀က္သားဒုတ္ထုိး (BBQ pork on stick, Yogurt & Noodle)

 Zay Cho Night Market is very popular among local and tourist. A lot of vendors mostly sell foods, souvenirs, old books, clothes etc. The business starts around 5 pm till 9 to 10 pm. - 

Yogurt drink stall are very common in Myanmar Night market. Burmese yogurt garnish with coconut flake. 

 When I reached there, it was around 8pm (consider late). The peak hour is around 6-7pm. So the some stalls are preparing to close. I stopped at this BBQ pork stall and ate a few sticks. After seeing only a few organs left and I think I should move another stall.

This is the another stall which still have a few more organ compare to the first one. So I decided to stop here again. Price?  25 Kyat per stick or 500 kyat per one plate (You can choose which organ you want to have).

This Egg noodle was from Big noodle stall (Daw Sin Yong)  near Night market. 1 Plate 1000 Kyats and it was the best noodle I ever have in Myanmar.

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