Friday, June 17, 2011


Raya Island Tour, Phuket #3

So many coconut trees, how about one of  the coconuts drop on my head? :) 

After spending a few hours, we have to go back to the place where alight. Took 10 mins walk to the Pier. I don't wast my time, I took a lot of photos on my way back.

I think these  people staying overnight here. The villagers here look quite friendly, they offer you free ride if you want to. I said thank and just walk, coz I want to take photos along my way. :) - S

It became cloudy again. And I still waiting our tour group to leave from this island. -

This boy collecting the coconuts around the beach.

It was a very cloudy day which mean dangerous for island hopping. :( 

Now we are leaving from this island and our next activity of the tour is snorkeling (The most important part of the Tour).

We stopped near this private boat to do snorkeling. Actually there were 2 stops. This was the first one. I saw big Octopus there. As you can see the water is very clear and can see through under the sea. 

Catching the bread throw from the boat and feed the fishes. ;) 

This was the second stop, the best snorkeling place I ever seen.  A lot better than snorkeling in Kai Nok island and Phi Phi Island. A lot of beautiful Coral reefs and so many different kind of colorful fishes. Some fishes are really big size. The fishes like to eat bread, banana. Lucky I bought 50 baht bread from Patong. Btw, that fish have sharp teeth, it bit my finger as it thought it is a hard bread? :). 

We were only given 30 minutes snorkeling for each stop, which I think not enough as I would like to explore more fishes and coral reefs. They are so beautiful and you can't get enough of exploring. 

After the amazing snorkeling, it rained again and another scary bumpy ride. :(  So I don't have any photo after this. While approaching to Pier, the rain stopped. This is the Chalong bay Big Buddha which I can see from our speed boat. 

That's all for Raya island tour and it was a really fantastic tour . 

Camera - Canon550D + Tamron18-270mm & Nikon P80 


  1. I never go to Raya Island.
    I very enjoyed with reading your blog.
    Thanks for good story. It’s awesome and make me wanna go!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your Raya Island experience,
    this post was very helpful… Keep posting and good luck with your post!


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