Monday, August 15, 2011


Mogok Daw Shan (Shan Food Stall) မုိးကုတ္ ေဒၚရွန္

Now you no need to rush to Mandalay for delicious Shan foods. You can have it on Yangon as well. When I was in Yangon last week, I found out Daw Shan(ေဒၚရွန္) Yangon outlet and gave it a try. I know this still in Mogok and Mandalay but I didn't know it would have new outlet in Yangon. Pricing is reasonable and you can have variety of Shan foods at one place.

Mogok MeeShay taste is the best. They use Mogok noodle and the taste is better than traditional MeeShay available in Mandalay.

This is one of my favourite Egg noodles (ဆီခ်က္ ေခါက္ဆြဲ)။

Fried Shan Tofu

You can have Tea, coffee, bottle cold drink up to beer. 

The way they handle food and kitchen looks quite clean and hygiene. 

 Beside Shan foods you can also have fried rice, noodle, vermicelli and even Briyani (ဒန္ေပါက္) are available.

For those who interested stall location at Mogok, Mandalay or Yangon.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm


  1. အစားအေသာက္ပံုေတြျပျပီးႏွိပ္စက္ေနတယ္ ။

  2. noted with thanks! :)


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