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Taung Pyone Nat Festival 2011 (ေတာင္ၿပဳံး ပြဲ) #1

I just returned from Yangon today. Since I was in Myanmar for 2 weeks 30-July to 13-Aug 2011. I tried to visit Taung Byone Nat Festival to get some photos to share. I think it will be very interesting for those who has never experienced Taung Pyone Festival in their life.

It is a very big festival which hold once a year on August at Mandalay. People from all over the country who believe on Nats(spirits) go there to pay respect. That's why Mandalay is very crowded and very hard to buy in and out transportation during early August.

You can read detail of Taung Pyone Festival here. OK let's start my Taung Pyone trip.

I think some accident happened at Taung Byone.

They are GTC students (Government Technological College) returning home.

A lot of donation collectors along the way to Taung Byone.

My Bike Tyre Flat right in front of the repair shop.  When I returned home I told my neighbor Aunty that we experienced Tyre Flat on our way and she asked me "Did you eat pork today?". I didn't eat pork on that day, so I ringed my friend (Driver) "Did you eat pork today?" he said "I Do".  Ahh even though I am not the believer in Nat, I learned new thing about Taung Byone that Nats don't like pork.

Suppose someone from that car also ate pork?

Villagers hoping for people throwing money. Without caring the danger they run over to highway road, snatching for throwing money from moving vehicles, so we have to be very careful when the vehicle in front throw money. 

After driving over 20 minutes, we can see the welcome sign to Taung Pyone. 

Turn into Taung Pyone Main Street and starting to see the crowd.

 The day I went Taung Pyone was the most crowded day "ေခြ်းေတာ္သံုးေန. / Nat bathing day", so as you can see so many car stuck there. I think they will spend their night there, even our motorcycle cannot drive. So we have to walk to Taung Pyone for about 20 mins. 

This is the first Nat dancing area I saw on that day. Since it was quite dark, I have to fire flash for these photos. I think the Nat get disturbed by my flash light, he gave me a stare. :D  They are dancing inside this shelter. 

People of all ages dancing around the Nats. Look like they are connected heart to heart with Nat. 

 Beside the dancing area, there are a lot of temporarily accommodations for Nats from all over the country. They sleep & eat there during Festival.

Camera - Canon550D + Tamron18-270mm


  1. While watching at this serie, I feel that I'm there, impatient to arrive at the festival.


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