Friday, August 19, 2011


Taung Pyone Nat Festival 2011 (ေတာင္ၿပဳံး ပြဲ) #2

Don't you think the fried Crab look so yummy? I didn't try it at that time now the pic make my mouth watering.

This is the traditional Taung Pyone food (Kayay Kayar), There are so many Kayay Kayar vendors in the festival. The price is almost half cheaper than Kayay Kayar available in Mandalay, but don't forget to bargain or ask for extra snack boxes. :D

These are the Taung Pyone Fashion (Fake gold Smith). Normally people buy one as a Taung Pyone souvenir.

Taung Pyone Cinema showing latest Myanmar movie.

The Myanmar Ferris wheel is amazing. It is purely man-powered. As the whistle blows, two or three men grabbing/hanging on the iron bar of wheel with both hands (follow by one another) jumps towards the ground to make it spin. Everything in this playground are purely man-powered. 

You are not allowed to put gold leaf by your own even though you are a male. The person in charge will do it for you.

This is the most famous Buddha in Taung Pyone, which has a rich history. Do you see the two empty spaces for 2 bricks? Anyone knows what is the story behind it? I will be really appreciated if someone can tell me the history of this 2 empty spaces?

Leave two empty spaces for two bricks.

 This is the place where a lot people in all ages cannot control themselves and dance with the music.  You can see it in Youtube clip below. It is hard to say whether they are really believe Nat or just dance coz other people are dancing. 

This guy is the professional dancer on the dance floor. :D  He put more effort when he saw I am pointing camera at him. :D  Too bad my camera didn't work well at that time and all his photo turn out blurry.

People buy this flower to throw inside the big golden basket on top. It is funny to see that  when it is full, they remove all and let new flower in. :D 

Which one do you like? Knife or scissor? Oh sorry left one or right one? :D I looks really delicious, but I don't have time to try it, because my friend (Driver) walk very fast and I have to keep my eyes on him while taking photo. We don't have phone to call each other. If I can't find him, I probably have to sleep at Taung Pyone for that night. :) 

It is very sad to see this people in the festival, begging for money to survive. I don't want to take pic of them from front, so I took from back. 

Hurry hurry, if not you will miss the train to Mandalay.

Ready to go back.

That's for Taung Pyone.

 Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm


  1. ကေရကရာေတြ သြားရည္က်တယ္ဗ်ာ။ အရမ္းၾကိဳက္။ ျမန္မာမုန္႔ေတြ အားလံုးၾကိဳက္တယ္ဗ်ာ။


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