Sunday, October 23, 2011


James Bond Island Tour #3

It is lunch time. When we board on boat, the buffet lunch is ready.  Yum~~~

The boat moves slowly while we having lunch. After a while, we can see James Bond island which is the most significant place of our tour. Why the island  is called James Bond?  Because one of the James bond movie was shot in this island. I think the water level of Jame Bonds island is low, so we have to transfer to long tail boat to go there. 

A few photos of James Bond island taken from boat while waiting for long tail boat to fetch us. It is already quite crowded over there. 

We have given about 45 minutes to explore the island. So I just walked one round and took a few photos. But it is too crowded plus sunny, so I didn't feel relaxing in this island. 

Little pirate in James Bond island. :)

This broken cliff look amazing.  There are a row of souvenir shops and remember to bargain less than half price. :D 

After exploring the whole island, we were so exhausted and just wait for long tail boat to fetch us. We still left with one more place to visit.

We were leaving from the James Bond Island. There is one more destination of the tour, which is the place to swim or canoe by our own or play football on the island.

It was a very beautiful evening with those small island under blue sky. This two island look like tortoise. 

Even thought it is monsoon season, the weather was so nice on that day. I could fully enjoyed the landscape of Phang Nga Bay. If you have seasick, this James Bond island tour is for you. Because there is no big wave and the boat move steadily. Very suitable for elderly as well. 

The tour guide tried to entertain the tourist by playing some games and magic. They can't speak English very well, but they try their best. Our next activity was canoeing and swimming. We were still on our way to that place. 

The boat stopped here and we were given around 45 minutes for swiming or conoeing around this island. It was very fun to row the canoe by our own. But some people got no idea how to row the canoe to go to the right direction. I rowed the canoe to that island by my own, some just swam to get there but it is quite and distance away. 

After having a great time of rowing canoe, we went back to boat again. When I saw some tourists do diving from the second floor of the boat, I can't resist to try and had made 2 jumps.  Too bad no photo had recorded. :( 

This is not purposely just accidentally. :)

Tourists from Iran having enjoying their time on the boat. Iranian family dancing with the music. They can dance quite well especially the little one. 

We have completed all the destinations of the Tour and heading down to pier. The area we explored today is called Phang Nga Bay. 

That is the end of James Bond island Tour. Sorry for taking this post too long. ;)

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