Tuesday, October 11, 2011


James Bond Island Tour #2

I know that this is such a long and boring post, but I have to finish it since I have a lot of photos from this trip. So please bear with me. :D We are rowing canoe and heading back to our boat. Then we will go to Hong Island. 

This is the second time we took canoe in Phan Nga Bay. This island is called Hong Island. 

This time also we took canoe with Burmese crew. He is so friendly and helpful. Some of the photo in this island are taken by him. 

The most beautiful cliff in Hong island is here. It is the brother of the cliff from Jame bond island. In Jame Bond island, we saw the similar cliff like this but smaller in size. 

Can you see the elephant shape?

Can you see one lazy siting?

The Hong island is getting busy where a few boat arrive. And It is time for our boat passengers to leave the island. 

When they were arriving, we were leaving. Luckily, our boat always reached earlier in all destinations of the tour, so we really enjoy all our visit without being too much crowded. Now we are heading to our boat and the next activity of the tour is to have buffet lunch on boat.

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