Monday, October 3, 2011


Westlife The Gravity Tour Live in Singapore 2011 #1

I have made this post very quickly for Westlife's fan. I just watched their Live show and It was amazing. I had grown up with Westlife songs such as I have a dream, Seasons in the Sun, Flying without wings etc. I remembered they did one Live Show in Singapore around 2008, but during that time I was broke and no friend to go there.

This time, one of my friend asked me to join and said that the ticket is not expensive. So I decided to go the show and wanted to take photos for my blog reader. I think my photo will give you the atmosphere of the show for those who cannot make it.

I think I don't need to introduce each of them. Because Westlife used to be very popular in Myanmar and I saw quite a number of Burmese fans on that day. :) 

The show was supported start at 8pm but It actually start at 8:30pm.

They brought a few fans to the stages and gave a BIG HUG, which made a lot of girls feel so jealous and shouted "Lucky Sia/ Le". :) 

Location : Singapore Indoor stadium
Date : 03-Oct-2011
Camera - Canon550D+ Canon 55-250mm & HTC incredible S


  1. Hope that you can correctly write down Westlife song name. Must be "Flying without wings" not "Flying without winds"


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