Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Westlife The Gravity Tour Live in Singapore 2011 #2 (Video)

I cannot fully enjoy the show like others, I busy with taking video and photos.

Westlife wearing Walt Disney World T-shirts and singing Viva la vida by Cold Play, Only Girl by Rihanna and Bad Romance by Lady Ga Ga. 

They are singing seasons in the sun, you raise me up, Flying without wings. 

I can Clearly see that Shane has more fans compare to other Nicky, Mark, Kian.

It is the last changing of the show. They are singing What about now and end the show with Up town girl.  I think it is quite short. If I am not wrong, the show is only 1:30 hr. 

Westlife fare-welling audience. I guess audience still cannot get enough of the performance. Anyway, it was such a short and sweet show for me.

This is my second video of the show. I hope you will like it.

Location : Singapore Indoor stadium
Date : 03-Oct-2011
Camera - Canon550D+ Canon 55-250mm


  1. I'm the girl who laugh with blur face in ur picture ;)

    Did u record video when Westlife choose some fans on stage and interview them?

    I wanna have that video in my computer because i'm in the part of that video (if u've got)

    U can contact me on Facebook or email me at

    Looking forward for ur reply and hope u have what i want :)

  2. Hi Nan,

    Yes, I have video of this as well. coming soon. ;)

  3. Really,, that's sound great!!
    Wanna see so much.
    Could u pls upload it for me. ;)

    thx in advance.


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