Saturday, November 12, 2011


Flying from Phuket to Bangkok

We were at Phuket international airport and flying to Bangkok. This airport is as large as Yangon International airport and quite busy with a lot of tourists.

This angry mom was scolding his boy and I managed to catch the right moment. 

It was so interesting to see these notes from many countries are pasted in a wall of one of the restaurant. But I couldn’t find Burmese note over there.  

Since we were flying from Phuket to Bangkok, we didn’t require to go through immigration check. We just showed the air ticket and boarded the flight.

The flight was approaching to Bangkok. Thai is the No.1 rice exporter in the world. So I was  not surprised to see rice fields in Thailand. 

All these photos were taken last year in August. Therefore, you can see the Bangkok in good condition. I feel so sad about the recent major flooding in Thailand which has displaced million of people, killed over 500 people and unknown number of animals. 

The photos about flood victims (people and animals) from the internet/ facebook are really heartbreaking. I donated at Soi Dog foundation for their animals rescue work and plan to donate another time. It is good to see some people take initiative to take care of helpless animals during the hard time. I wish animals from my country(Myanmar) could have this kind of helping hand. 

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm

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