Monday, November 21, 2011


A kitten called Pi Pi (2010-Nov to 2011-Nov-19)

We have our own cats at home and two cats, Pi Pi and her mom, at our shop.  These cats are not stray. Their owner house is 2 building away from our shop.

My sister love the mother cat and used to feed her. After a while, the mother cat never go back to her owner. Always stay at our shop.  During 2010 Nov, she gave birth a female kitten,Pi Pi,  at our shop.  So, we have two cats in our shop. Pi Pi, dumb cat but not deaf, she cannot make a sound "Meow" like other cats but she can hear if someone calls her name "Pi Pi". So poor thing. My sis sent Pi Pi and her mom to Vet for sterilization.

 I met Pi Pi during my holiday August 2011.She has a very beautiful eyes (like wearing a spectacles) and really playful. She like to tease her mom, bite slipper and follow when we pass by.  When I taking these photos, I didn't think that this would be my last photo session with her. 

Yesterday, I received a call from my home and knew that "Pi Pi" died with fever. She didn't eat and look very weak for a few days, so my sis brought her to vet and the vet said "it is only minor fever" and gave her an injection. But she died on next day. My sis thought it was a Vet's fault, until the cat owner said "Most of the kitten of that mother cat died that way. Once they get fever, they died."  Since god already took her life, it is no point to blame anyone. And I believe, she still lucky compare to her sibling kittens and really had a great time with us.

Having lunch with Mom. 

Going to nap after lunch.

You will be missed. R.I.P Pi Pi and wish you get a better new life.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm & HTC incredible S


  1. hi,

    it should be 'fault' not 'false' in "My sis thought it was a Vet's false"

    it got me thinking for a few minutes to understand...

    anyway, RIP, pi pi

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank for pointing the spelling mistake.

    Tun Tun

  3. I love Kitten. When I lived at Nonthaburi of BKK. I'd a number of Kitten family. Some of them were died of their old enemy (peppy). Some were died on accident. I felt so sick.

    B4 I moved new place, Kitten mother gave birth a pair of white kitten among 6 siblings. My name became (Kyaung Phyu Myar Shin) ေၾကာင္ျဖဴမ်ားရွင္ King possessed white cats.

    Now, I leaved these poor things. Don't be upset by yourself. This is the nature of life.


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