Saturday, November 19, 2011


Visit to Grand Palace, Bangkok #1

My plan for that day was to visit all the famous pagodas in Bangkok. After having breakfast in hotel, I flagged the taxi and asked -
Me - Grand Palace
Driver - Huh?
Me - Wat Phra Kaew
Driver - Huh?
Me - This one. (Luckily, a photo of grand palace is in the Bangkok map to show him.)

In spite of being a meter taxi, he quoted the price. This is what some taxi drivers in Bangkok do to tourist. But sometimes, it can be cheaper than using meter. Because Bangkok traffic jam is really horrible and unpredictable. I had an experience, stuck for about 30 mins and the meter jumped up to a few hundred Bahts.

The entrance fee for the grand place is 350 Baht per person but free for locals. I think it is ridiculously expensive. I think it was on Saturday and  there were a lot of tourists. It is very clean and a tourist-friendly place. The famous Emerald Buddha (ၿမဘုရား) also inside the grand palace.

There are a lot of gorgeous flowers inside the palace. I gave some times to get a few great shots.

Stupas in Thailand look different from Myanmar. Both look beautiful in my opinion.

The wall painting inside the grand palace are interesting. It is well maintained but doesn't look like ancient painting. It looks pretty new.

This is the building where Emerald Buddha (ၿမဘုရား) exist. They are not allow to bring camera inside the building. So I had to take photo of Emerald Buddha from outside the building. You will see it in next post.

 I think these weird looking birds are protecting the Buddha.

The Emerald Buddha is very small and sitting inside the building. We are not allowed to bring camera inside the building. So I had to take these photos from outside which is actually quite far and low light. I have to zoom all the way to 270mm and hold my breath while taking these photos. I am pretty happy with the photo quality I got. 

I hope you can see clearly what is the Emerald Buddha look like.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm


  1. nice views with a great dark sky. Have you notice the temple using the same colors as a 7eleven on his roof ?
    If you have pay 130 Bath, that mean you got a discount because I've pay 250 :)

  2. အခု ျမဘုရားဝင္ေၾကးက ဘတ္ေလးရာျဖစ္သြားျပီ :)
    ပံုေလးေတြ အရမ္းလွတယ္။


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