Thursday, November 24, 2011


Visit to Grand Palace, Bangkok #2

Apart from Emerald Buddha, there are a few of historical buildings like museum inside the Grand Palace. 

I hate crowd. As soon as I finished taking photos of Emerald Buddha, I left this area and moved to the less crowded area.

 This guy can't get enough of taking photos. I like his fashion that made him stand out among the tourists.

This poor guy guarding the palace. I am not sure how many hours he has to stand like this.

A lot tourists join him and take photo with him. But he never smile. :)

There are some museums inside the grand palace. It is not allowed to take photo inside the museum. You can find a lot of ancient weapons inside the museum. 

They are changing shift. They salute each other before that. :) 

If you are interested in history and architect, there are a lot of things to explore inside the grand palace. I didn't go through any detail of each place.  I just took photo of subjects which look nice. 

As far as I know, each palace represents each season (Winter, summer, rainy). Example - During winter, the King will stay at Winter palace.

 I was leaving from Grand palace and my next destination was Wat Pho Temple. According to Google map, it is just walking distance from the Grand palace. So I ignored all the Tuk Tuk drivers' offers.

A few shots of Grand palace from outside.

Buses from Bangkok are nothing better than Yangon. I never took bus during my trip. I only took Taxi, Tuk Tuk and Sky train.

If you are not sure where Wat Pho is, you have to rely on these Tuk Tuk driver. They will most likely bring you to souvenir shops before sending to the right place.

On the way to Wat Pho, there is a wet market which have a lot of food stalls.

Those cats were not afraid of people and very friendly. Thank to the person who fed those lovely stray cats.

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