Monday, December 12, 2011


Visit to Wat Arun Temple, Bangkok #1

This is Wat Arun temple also known as 'Temple of Dawn'. It is located opposite to Wat Pho Temple. You need to take ferry boat 3Baht person at Tha Thien pier. When I was on my way to Tha Thien pier, one Tuk Tuk driver approached me and said

Driver - "Wat Arun CLOSED, FOLLOW ME xxxx temple, only xx Baht."
Me - "It's ok, Thank".
Driver - "You know Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun-fat? Ahh, Very popular after visit xxx temple."
Me - "I am not interested, sorry". I kept walking to Tha Thien Pier.

He still following me until I talked to other tourist "Are you going to Wat Arun?" She said, "Yes". So that he stopped following me and nagged with bad words "Cazy, stupid etc-".  That was a really bad experience.

The temple look really stunning.  The ferry will bring you to the other side of river where the temple is located.

Be aware of these standing mannequins, Why?  If you put your head and take photo, the lady hiding behind the tree will run to you and ask 40Baht. She will point "40" written on the mannequins and keep saying "40 Baht" until you pay the money.  I thought the "40" is just numbering.

It's not about the 40 Baht I paid. She should write "40 Baht" instead of "40" or she should sit near to it and tell the tourists 40 Baht for taking photo and let the tourists decide. There is no need to play hide and seek. After I paid her 40 Baht, she went back to the tree and sat there like she is nothing to do with these mannequins.

You can dress up traditional Thai costume and take photo.

It is 40 Baht, if you want to go up to the Temple. I did go up and enjoyed the bird eyes view of the city.  The stair is very steep. I don't recommand elderly to go up there.

I am on the Wat Arun temple and enjoying the surrounding view. There are a lot of interesting buildings in this area.

The architecture of this temple is really impressive.

Wat Arun is a very nice place to relax in bustle Bangkok. Feel the evening breeze and enjoy the city landscape from the temple.

Beautiful Bangkok skyline can be seen from the temple. Now I knew that this area has a lot of temples and ancient buildings.

The hotel that I stayed is very close to the Baiyoke Tower hotel, the tallest building in Bangkok. It seem like it doesn't look very far from here.

As you can see from these photos, the stair is very steep.

All these Buddha statues are from the building beside Wat Arun Temple.

This chandelier looks gorgeous.

You can rent these Thai traditional dresses to take photo. Does she cute?
Actually "HE". They were a group of 3 and asked me to take group photo as he saw I was taking his photo. :)

I had finished exploring Wat Arun temple and and leaving from this place. I need to take the ferry boat to other side of the river.

This place is very good place to relax in the evening. The fresh air will cool you down.

You can buy fish food (bread) 20 Baht each. I fed twice. These cat fish are really big size.

This is the 3 Baht ferry ride which runs for Wat Arun temple. 3 Baht is for two ways.

This is the video of all the temples I visited on that day.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm

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  1. bad peoples around these places but despite them, wonderful places


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