Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Visit to Wat Pho Temple @ Bangkok #1

 After passing the wet market and flea market, I arrived at Wat Pho temple. There was no entrance fee for Wat Pho. But If you want to go inside and see the Reclining Buddha, you need to pay 50 Baht.

This is the Reclining Buddha. I decided not to go inside because I have seen a few Buddhas like this in Myanmar and some are even bigger than this. They put the Buddha inside the building, so that people have to pay money to see it.

A visit to Wat Pho was well worth it because it is free of charge. You can see a lot of Buddhas and Chinese statues.

 These stupas look incredible. I really like the artwork decorated on these stupas.

This is the another side of the building where the reclining buddha lives.  Array of golden Buddhas can be found in Wat Pho Temple. In my opinion, this temple is mixed with Thai and Chinese architecture.

I really like this photo. It was taken through the window. I don't think I could go inside this area.

There was free drink inside the Wat Pho at that time. :) I think it is for those chanting with the monks, inside the monastery.

 These Stupas look really impressive.

That's it for Wat Pho. My next destination was Wat Arun Temple.

Camera - Canon550D+Tamron18-270mm

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  1. The "open air" reclining Buddhas in Myanmar are much more impressive because you can see them fully.
    Because of the Wat Po is a narrow building, we never see him from head to feet.
    His style is much different to the Myanmar one, he is more rigid and straight.
    The garden of Wat Po is very nice, filled with statues representing the various positions of Thai massage. Wat Po is the first massage school of the country.


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