Friday, January 27, 2012


Dream World, Bangkok #2

This building looks wired, isn't it? Let go and check what is this building. 

 It was a very hot day. I felt sorry for those wearing very thick dress and walking around the park to entertain the visitors. I cannot remember how many water bottle I drunk inside that park. 

Luckily, the building is air conditioned. It is such a relief from outside intense heat. The idea of this building is to make you feel so small, because everything is big in size such as sleeping man, household items, cloths etc. 


This animal show was played by clever dogs, monkeys and goats. First time watched the act of goat in the show, sadly they look so desperate for food. After the show, there is a feeding time when you can buy milk to feed those poor goats. Since there are so many goats, it is impossible for people to feed all. Some poor goats come out with the hope of milk but get nothing.

Since I gave up other scary rides inside the park, I decided to try this roller coaster and joined the queue. Suddenly, it started raining and I thought they were going to shut down until the rain stop. However, they didn't care about the rain and also never care about your safety. You have to put the safety belt by yourself and make sure it is safe. Because the staffs  never check all passenger's seat belts properly. They start running the roller coaster, once everyone get seated. How about people who have no idea how to put the seat belt and also don't know how to ask? May be I i think too much. 

When it start running, I just closed my eyes. :D It was really a scary ride under the rain and lightening. And I felt like vomiting after riding it. I drove this bump car as well. 


After the bump car, I still tried another roller coaster, inside the dark building. After all these ride, I was feeling so dizzy and unwell. About 12:30 pm, the guide bring me to the buffet eating area for lunch. They served a lot of foods but I didn't have appetite to eat a lot. .

After lunch, I went inside to snow city. In Singapore snow city, they don't allow you to bring camera inside. But This snow city allows. :D  Notice that I got my camera lens wet after I came out from snow city.

 It was very cool inside even though I was wearing jean at that time. I am not sure how those girl with short pant/shirt feel. 

 After snow city, it was time to watch this fighting how. It was quite entertaining. The bomb burst are really loud. 

This is 4D movie hall. It was not included in the package, so I paid 50 baht to watch it. I have to say, the 4D quality is very good with so many effects. 

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