Tuesday, January 17, 2012


MBK Bangkok

In my opinion, MBK is the best place for shopping for all types of people (High, middle or low income). Don't waste your time shopping at other places, just visit MBK is enough. It have a lot of shops and you can shop till you drop.

One thing I like about MBK is, most of the shops put the price tags on the items. So you no need to bargain a lot. I went there twice during my trip and bought lot of things. :)

Every purchase of 200 bahts, you can claim 3 arrows to shoot these balls. If the one balloon burst from every 3 shoots, you will get one "I Love MBK T shirt". I played 3 times (9 arrows) and get 3 T shirts. He He :D

But when I came back to MBK another day, they changed the rule.  Each attempt (3 arrows) must burst 2 balloon.  That is quite tough. I got no T shirt on that day. :(

The taxi stand at MBK is really good. All are meter taxi and just let the operator know which place you want to go. The operator will guide you which taxi to board.

I asked the taxi driver to drop me in front of the Pantip IT mall. It is similar to Sim Lim square of Singapore. I bought spare canon battery for my camera.
 Finally, dinner at night market. :)

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  1. I totally agree with you, for me there is one stop : MBK (I usually stay in a hotel 5 min by walk)


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