Thursday, January 12, 2012


Siam Ocean World, Bangkok

After shopping in Isetan. I visited the Siam Ocean World which is located inside the Siam Paragon shopping mall. This aquarium is the biggest in South East Asia so far, but Singapore is opening its new aquarium and I guess it will became the biggest in SEA.

Before I went inside the aquarium, I ate lunch at the big food court at Siam Paragon. You have to buy coupon to order food. This food court is really big and variety of choice.

The entrance fees for aquarium is 990 bahts per person. It is quite expensive and it includes
- 1 free bag (cheap quality)
- 1 big coke cup and 1 pop corn
- 1 ticket to watch 3D short movie
- fish massage

Compare to current Singapore underwater world, it is really big and more type fishes.

Inside the aquarium I met one Burmese cleaner who asked me "Are you Burmese?". She is from Yangon and we had a long chat. She explained and guided me around the aquarium. She asked me how much I paid for the entrance fees. I told her 990 Bahts and she said, if I met her before buying ticket, she can ask the ticket counter staff to give me discounted price.  She told me there are a lot of Burmese working inside the aquarium and shared her experience that some Burmese tourist don't like while they try to talk like "Are you Burmese?", so they do not anyhow greet people who look like Burmese.

I think I look very kind and friendly. :)

While chatting with her, I just curious and asked her how much you earn and save per month. She told me that she worked as a tailor at Factory in Yangon and the salary was too low. She has a brother already working in Bangkok and asked her to work here. She revealed that the cleaning job earn about 300 bahts per day. So I was thinking the entrance fees 990 bahts is about her 3 days salary.

While doing fish massage, you can enjoy the fish tank with a lot of shark and stingray.

I only took a few photos inside the aquarium.  Some of the photo are taken by Nikon compact camera.

Waiting for 3D movie. The movie quality is not so good.


  1. တစ္ေခါက္ေလာက္ေတာ့သြားလည္ခ်င္သား။

  2. Why does ur face out of focus in all the photos?? hee hee.. Kidding... Purposely, right?

  3. ေျမြေတြငါးေတြၾကည္႔ရတာ အသည္းယားလိုက္တာ
    ေအာ္ ေျခေထာက္ကို ငါးစာေကၽြးခဲ႔ေသးသကိုး.. း)
    ေျခေထာက္က ဂ်ီးေတြေျပာင္သြားေလာက္ျပီေနာ္
    (just kidding)

  4. Thanks for sharing. Can imagine that's a great place by seeing your picture

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