Tuesday, February 28, 2012


A Trip to Bagan #3

I was at the top of pagoda beside A Lo Taw Pyay pagoda, the view from here was pretty amazing. It was about 5pm and I can see the different patterns of weathers over Bagan. Some part was cloudy and the other part was raining.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


A Trip to Bagan #2

After checking condition of the bicycle, I started my exploration around Bagan about 3:30pm. I skipped Shwe Zigon Pagoda and headed to A Lo Daw Pyay Pagoda.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Flying from Bangkok to Yangon (Suvarnabhumi Airport)

We took taxi from hotel to Suvarnabhumi Airport. 500 Baht for the trip. The driver scared us by saying that he never sleep last night and feel sleepy right now. On the way to airport, he stopped a while and wash his face. :( He is quite friendly though. 

 I was praying to arrive the air port safely.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Safari World, Bangkok #2

Just spent a few minutes inside the zoo, the heavy rain begun and it lasted around 3 to 4  hours. So I thought it was a very unlucky day and supposed to be cancelled all the animal shows due to the bad weather. In Singapore, if rain or lighting comes, they might cancel the show for your safety. :) But I guessed wrongly, all these shows were performed as schedule while raining. The first show I watched was a Seal Lion show. It was really entertaining. Those Seal Lions are so talented. I will upload the video in next post. 

The second show was elephants show. Poor animals have to perform under the rain. Anyway, they can perform perfectly. This show includes playing soccer, shooting arrows, walking on the string and dancing. After the show, there is a photo session with these elephants. They all lied down and you can sit on their legs to take photo. After that you can buy bananas to feed them.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Burmese Dinner in Mandalay

This is one of my favorite Burmese restaurants "Aye Myit Tar" in Mandalay. Their side dishes are very delicious. 

This is what we had on that day. Mutton, chicken, pork and hilsa (ငါးသေလာက္) curry. Every time I go to Burmese restaurant I'd like to order prawn or hilsa curry. I don't like  pork, chicken, mutton or beef curry.

မယ္ဇလီဖူးသုတ္ (Myanmar people like to have this salad during Tasaung Dine Festival's midnight because  they believe it can be medicinal on that day.)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Safari World, Bangkok #1

After Dream World, my next destination is Safari World (zoo). I bought the Safari World package Tour from the guide who I hired for Dream World tour. He is very friendly and helpful. He gave me 50 baht discount for Safari World Tour and told me not to tell other passengers about this because he charged 950 baht to the rest. There were 10 passengers in our car.

The car left from hotel at 9am and reached there about 9:45am. It is quite far from city. If you are late, you cannot visit Wildlife park because it is open only morning till noon. I think if you are driving, you can drive yourself inside the wildlife park.

It was my first time experience to see different types of  Wild animals at one place that really look like Safari. Animals such as giraffe, zebra, deer, Hippo, camel etc are kept together. They are free to go around the park. Some are chasing the car hoping for food. As I saw on that day, the wildlife park is well maintained and animals are well-fed. 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Myanmar Kyats from my 2011 Trip

50 Kyats

Currency in Myanmar is called Kyats. These notes were printed long long ago and there is no exchanging old to new notes  policy in place for so many years, so people are facing with shortages of small changes. Sometime you will get tissue packets, instant coffee mix, candy as a change.

100 Kyats

As I heard from people who recently came back from Myanmar, the situation is not that bad right now (2012). This small change shortage is no longer applicable and you will see plenty of new notes in your trip.

100 Kyats

200 Kyats

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Singapore Chingay Parade 2012

I am not sure what does Chingay means. I think it is related to Chinese Culture. The parade was held at F1 pit (near Singapore Flyer).

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Dream World, Bangkok #3

Animal Show Video - You can see the animal show (featured by monkey,goats,dogs), Scary rides, Snow City, Giant house etc.

Hollywood Action Video - You can see the live fighting show which is really impressive. The explosion sound is really loud and everything look so real.

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