Sunday, February 5, 2012


Pulau ubin, Singapore

Cute pregnant cat

Quarry at Pulau Ubin. The water color is naturally blue. 

Kampong house at Pulau ubin

Can anyone tell me the name of this weird looking fruit?

Please throw any leftover food to me? I threw one biscuit to him and thought that he won't like to eat. He bite that biscuit, went inside the bush and ate it. If your an animal lover, you can bring pet food to feed these poor stray cats and dogs. 

Dog put on Lunar new year scarf.


  1. အကို ရိုက္ထားတာေလးေတြမိုက္တယ္။။။

  2. it looks very natural, i like it very much. especially the local cats and dog :)


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