Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Safari World, Bangkok #1

After Dream World, my next destination is Safari World (zoo). I bought the Safari World package Tour from the guide who I hired for Dream World tour. He is very friendly and helpful. He gave me 50 baht discount for Safari World Tour and told me not to tell other passengers about this because he charged 950 baht to the rest. There were 10 passengers in our car.

The car left from hotel at 9am and reached there about 9:45am. It is quite far from city. If you are late, you cannot visit Wildlife park because it is open only morning till noon. I think if you are driving, you can drive yourself inside the wildlife park.

It was my first time experience to see different types of  Wild animals at one place that really look like Safari. Animals such as giraffe, zebra, deer, Hippo, camel etc are kept together. They are free to go around the park. Some are chasing the car hoping for food. As I saw on that day, the wildlife park is well maintained and animals are well-fed. 

 The guide asked us to close the window because we were entering to Tiger/Lion area. Fortunately, we manged to catch the feeding time. The staff feeding these Tigers inside the cage is a female.

After driving about 30 minutes inside the park, we went back to the Safari World which is a conventional zoo with a lot of shows. I must say that it is better than Singapore Zoo in term of shows, variety and quantity of animals.

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