Saturday, February 11, 2012


Safari World, Bangkok #2

Just spent a few minutes inside the zoo, the heavy rain begun and it lasted around 3 to 4  hours. So I thought it was a very unlucky day and supposed to be cancelled all the animal shows due to the bad weather. In Singapore, if rain or lighting comes, they might cancel the show for your safety. :) But I guessed wrongly, all these shows were performed as schedule while raining. The first show I watched was a Seal Lion show. It was really entertaining. Those Seal Lions are so talented. I will upload the video in next post. 

The second show was elephants show. Poor animals have to perform under the rain. Anyway, they can perform perfectly. This show includes playing soccer, shooting arrows, walking on the string and dancing. After the show, there is a photo session with these elephants. They all lied down and you can sit on their legs to take photo. After that you can buy bananas to feed them.

The brid show and dolphin show were performed at the same time. So I was thinking which one to go. So I let our guide to decide and he recommended dolphin show. 

First 2 dolphin, normal dolphins which can find at any aquarium.

Second 2 dolphins. I never seen that kind of dolphins in my life. They look funny and giant. You can see how huge they are in the next photo.

Buffet lunch at safari World. The buffet is better than Dream World buffet. 

Looks like mini floating market

There are about 10 White Tigers inside. In Singapore Zoo, there are only 2.

Now I am waiting to watch the Orang Utan show. This show is very funny and Orang Utans are very smart. Some people say it is kind of animal cruelty because they are forced to play boxing and fight each other. According to what I see, they are just playing for fun not very serious. 

Orang Utan show. It is very entertaining. 

Spy World Show.  You can see video of this show in the next post. 
Last show of the day is Spy War show which is similar to Water World show at Universal Studio, Singapore. The show is played by local Thai performers. I will upload all the videos of the shows in next post.

After watching all the shows, we only left a few time to explore the zoo. I skipped 2 shows on that day such as cowboy show and birds show. If I watched all the shows, I wouldn't have enough time to explore the zoo. 

 This is the last stop before we left Safari World. The feeding place for those Giraffes. They are really huge but friendly. Their tongue is quite long and the saliva is sticky. I have to wash my hands after feeding.

That's all for Safari World, I think 900 Baht for this package is really worth it. 

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