Sunday, March 4, 2012


A Trip to Bagan #5

Breakfast of budget hotel was very simple. Banana, Bread, Milk, Coffee and fried eggs. 

First, I hired a bicycle again with 2500 Kyats for that day. And then I went to bus station to buy ticket to Mandalay 4500 Kyats as of Aug-2010.

 After buying bus ticket to Mandalay, I started my full day exploration in Bagan old town. 

 The weather was extremely hot on that day, so I couldn't visit a lot of pagodas as I wish. But I tried my best to visit most of the popular pagodas. 

This was my first stop, I don't know the name of this pagoda but it has a very nice 360 degree view from the top of the pagoda. 

 This Buddha looks very interesting, doesn't it?

You can see almost all the pagodas in Bagan from here as well as Irrarwady river. All the photos start from here were taken from the same place.


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