Friday, March 9, 2012


A Trip to Bagan #7

 Local boy follows tourists to hire him as a guide. I think he is doing hard business because Bagan is so easy to go around without anyone help.

This is a newly built golden palace. Need to pay 500 Kyats for Entrance fees. Actually it is nothing to see inside the palace. But the palace looks really gorgeous. Hope they can maintain well.

Can you see the snake?

Except the beautiful palace, there is nothing to do or see there. But it is a good place to rest from intense heat during afternoon.

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  1. လွလိုက္တာ
    အေပၚဆံုးက ျမင္းလွည္းေလးနဲ႔ ပံုေတြလည္း သေဘာက်တယ္
    သစ္ပင္အစိမ္းေတြလည္း ျမင္ရတာသိပ္လွတာဘဲ
    ေျခာက္ေသြ႕တဲ႔ ရာသီဥတုရွိတဲ႕ ပုဂံလို႕ေတာင္ မထင္ခ်င္ေအာင္ စိမ္းစိုလွပေနေရာ


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