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Pyin Oo Lwin, Dat Taw Gyaik or Anisakan Waterfall(ဓါတ္ေတာ္ခ်ိဳင့္ ေရတံခြန္) #1

Pyin Oo Lwin is popular as a hill resort which is around 40 miles away from Mandalay city and it take about 2 hours driving to get there. Very scenic hill town with waterfalls, caves, botanic garden, strawberry farms etc. It is a popular holiday destination during summer. People from Mandalay like to go there during summer to enjoy the pleasant weather.

I went there for a day trip and I had to leave from Mandalay quite early about 6 am. I recommend to hire driver who is skilful in driving mountain road because there are a lot of turns and it can be dangerous for immature driver.

 My first stop of this trip was to visit giant waterfall (Dat Taw GYAIK). People used to skip this place for two reasons. First, it is very tiring to visit the waterfall and not really suitable for elderly. Second, time consuming. This place alone will take about 2 to 3 hours which causes insufficient time to visit other attractions if you are traveling for one day trip. Anyway, the highlight of my trip was to visit this place. This was my third visit. 

 The waterfall has three layers. This is the top layer can be seen from car park. When you are in car park, the villagers will approach you and follow you to go to the waterfall. Their job is to sell drinks, show the way and explain your queries about this place. I recommend to follow them if you are not familiar with the trail.

 They carry cooler box filled with drinks.

The traveling time from the car park to the bottom of the waterfall could take about 30 to 45 minutes depends on how many time you stop.  Now I am going downward so it is quite fast and less tiring. However, the return (climbing back to the top of the mountain) is very challenging.

On my way, I asked the girl "how many time you follow the visitors per day?". She replied, "Up to 4 times". This is such a tough job. For me, I have no strength after the one round trip.  If you want to help them, you can buy more drinks from them and forget about the ridiculous price. There were one dog following us and the girl said "If you are traveling alone and lost, you can actually follow this dog.". And she is right, the dog walk in front of us, stop when we take a break and continue walking when we start walking. This is amazing, isn't it?

 I thought we were the first group of the day ,however, there were a few groups walking in front of us. I think they took long break so I caught up with them where we were approaching to the fall. 

Now I could see the water falling from 250 ft mountain. It was the raining season so the volume of water was immense. Even though I was not standing close to the fall, I was still wet as droplets splash all over including my camera. :( So it was very hard for me to take good photo of this waterfall.  If you are visiting on winter around Nov to Feb, the waterfall is not huge and easy to convenient to take great photo, less splashing of droplets.


  1. fresh images from the cool station

  2. There is a new hotel near Dat Taw Gyaik. From there, you can see the whole water fall.

  3. I visit Pyin oo lwin one time, but I don’t see this water falls

  4. Hello !Warmly welcome from Pyin Oo Lwin.We prepared the road so it is very convenient to see waterfall than past.😁☺️


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