Friday, May 18, 2012


Buddha made from bamboo strips (ႏွီးဘုရား)

 I wanted to visit this pagoda in my previous trip to Pyin Oo Lwin but I didn't make it because people like to spend their time more on waterfall or Botanic garden and when they go back to Mandalay, it is very late and  they skip this place. Even thought it was quite late to visit this place on that day, I had made it. 

It is on the way to Pyin Oo Lwin and Mandalay but I think it is more close to Mandalay. But it still need to drive in about 15 mins from the highway.

 This Buddha is made from Bamboo strips.

 This is the photo of the raw one.

 When I reached there, It is completely dark (about 7pm) and very hard to take photo in low light. I wish I could reach there before sunset because the surrounding area look interesting and there was also a night market running at that time. 



    mzt: apple ကာလာမမွန္တာျဖစ္မယ္။
    2 Jun 12, 12:55 AM
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    2 Jun 12, 12:54 AM
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    2 Jun 12, 12:54 AM
    mzt: royal myanmar ေတာ္ဝင္ျမန္မာဆိုေတာ႔ ကို စတိအမ်ိဳးျဖစ္မယ္။
    2 Jun 12, 12:54 AM
    Pauk: ေရာက္ဖူးတယ္...မန္းေလးက အစားေတြ တင္တုန္းက
    2 Jun 12, 12:50 AM
    ေမာင္ေရခဲ: ဒီဆိုက္ေလး ခုမွေရာက္ဖူးတယ္

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  3. link ေတြ က်န္ခဲ႕ၿပန္ပီ။ အားနာစရာ ႀကမ္းတုိက္ေပးလို႕လဲမရဘူး။

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