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Malacca Trip #1

I had made Malacca trip back in July 2011. I bought Free & easy package from and the ticket only cost $75 per person. The ticket includes two way Bus transfer to Singapore to Malacca, 1 night accommodation at Hotel Equatorial with breakfast. The hotel is rated 5 stars and I have to say that the service is good, spacious room and conveniently located (most of the attractions are nearby). 
The bridge is connecting Malaysia and Singapore. 

 The bus left from Singapore at 8am. The traveling time from Sg-Malacca is about 3 to 4 hours depending on immigration traffic condition. 

Most of time I go Malaysia, the bus stops here for toilet/meal break but it doesn't have the food that I would like to eat. So, for me it is just a toilet break. 

 About 12 noon, the bus was entering to Malacca city. Like other towns of Malaysia, you will only see a few people on the street. 

Hotel Equatorial is next to this DATARAN PAHLAWAN shopping mall.

For checking in, we need to go to other floor where they also serves welcome drinks and snacks. From that floor, we can have landscape view of Malacca. 

I think my room is located on 19th floor. Most of time I travel, I choose to stay at Budget hotel. That's why this hotel is more than enough for me.  The triple room is very big and spacious. Two toilets and two set of Flat TVs for 3 persons. 

My room has a very good view of the city. I was waiting for the late afternoon as the weather was extremely hot during the mid day. 

The hotel has a big swimming pool on the rooftop. I swam once before going elsewhere. 

Hotel's cafe

Daiso is 5RM in Malaysia where in Singapore it is $2 per item. 

This is somewhere in the shopping mall, really nobody in this particular area.

Game section doesn't has any gamer.

 In Malacca, you will see a lot of colorful trishaws decorated with flowers. Some trishaws have loud speakers. As the main attractions are easily accessible by foot, I didn't take a ride, I rather spent more on food.

 I was walking to St. Paul's hill. Before reaching the hill, there are a few historical buildings. The place is very peaceful and good place for evening walk.

It is going to reach 100 years.

 There are a lot of stray cats on the hill and they are not afraid of people. I saw a woman carrying cat food and feeding these cats.

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  1. Thanks for your Malacca's Photos. I wanna be there.May be next time.


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