Friday, June 29, 2012


Malacca Trip #2

I think he is St. Paul because it is the only one statue in St. Paul's hill. Inside the white old building, you can find stone inscriptions. Good place for those who like history.

This guy is drawing a landscape of the while building.

Pre-wedding photo session at St. Paul's hill. 

Go up to the hill from other side and go down from this way.

This aunty is very aggressive. She claims that she feeds these stray cats and asks for donation money. The reason I say aggressive is because she scold in Malay to those who just take photos of these cats and without donating any money. I was not the one being scolded by her since I took her photo from quite far. :)

A few steps behind this giant old tree, there is a landmark of Malacca, Christ Church Melaka which is also known as oldest church in Malaysia built on 1753.

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