Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Garden By The Bay

Last Sunday, I went to the Newly opened Tourist attraction of Singapore, Garden By the Bay. It was opened on 29 Jun 2012 and a lot of people have uploaded their photos in Facebook or Blog. Therefore, even though I had never been there, I am quite familiar with this place and less exciting to go there for photo shooting. 

I was there around 6:30pm. How I get there? There are 3 options
- Walk from Marina Bay Sand (it is very near)
- Take shuttle bus from Marina Bay MRT station
- Take train to Bay Front MRT station (circle line)  

I took train to Marina Bay MRT then transferred to Bay Front station. This Bay Front MRT is mainly for the visitor of Marina Bay Sand and Garden by the Bay. 

I haven't explored the whole garden on that day, may be only half of it. It didn't cost me any dollar to go there as I didn't go to the Domes or walk on the sky bridge. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to pay to walk on sky bridge or see the plants inside the glass house. May be I will explore the whole thing just once in next visit. 

The reason I was there is for Night shooting. There are 2 lighting shows, one at 7:30pm and another one is 8:30pm (I guess). All these photos were taken from 7:30pm show. Actually I took all these photos from the same spot, the side bridge near these fake giant trees. In fact, I should have go near these Giant tree and shot them from below to get more angles. Never mind, I will leave it for next time. 

I hope you enjoy my photos and feel free to comment and criticize my shots. 


  1. love to see all your photo


  2. Very good your photo as per website.I am a lot of received the incredible general knowledge. Thanks alot.

  3. Very nice shot..
    Thanks for pleasure to see all your photos.


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