Monday, July 9, 2012


Malacca Trip #4 Jonker Walk

I didn't know that Jonker Walk is one of the tourist attractions of Malacca. As I found out this place by following other tourists' direction. Actually, Jonker Walk can be seen from Christ Church and the street become bazaar during night time of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Before walking through the night market, I tried this Malacca's famous Chicken Rice Ball in one of the least crowed store. I have to say that this rice ball is totally tasteless and I prefer normal chicken rice.

I think she is one of the Thai celebrity/models and she is very pretty and friendly. She gave her nice smile when she spotted that I was taking her photos. She and her camera man were shooting video inside the chicken rice stall. She talked in Thai, probably about the food and the place. I think they were making a Tour documentary video.

This is the stall where I had chicken rice. The price is quite reasonable.

This post includes second set of photos from Jonker Walk (Night Market). As you can see, there are a lot of tourists in this place. This really make me surprise that such a little town has so many tourists.

On my way back to the hotel, I encountered this street performance which gained a lot of people's attention. Actually this is not purely performance, he is promoting his Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He claimed that he can cut a few coconut with his bare hand in 30 seconds and he got Ginneus World Record for his talent.  While I spent about 20 minutes in the crowd, he didn't cut any coconut. He kept talking and acted going to cut the coconut but he didn't.  May be he did after I left this place. I think he is such a lair. :) However, a lot of people seemed to like enjoy his act.

He called out this poor guy to join him. The tourist guy looked quite disappointed as he was asked to stand there very long and holding the coconut. The man kept talking about his medicine (Analgesic balm) and asked people to try out so this tourist guy is standing there for nothing. I felt sorry for this guy and didn't want to watch what he is going to do. 

Hope he really cut a few coconuts for these audiences to make their times worthwhile. 

All this places have been visited a few hours ago and now I was heading back to Hotel.

A few night shots from hotel room before I went to bed.   This is how I spent my day 1 in Malacca and there was another half day to go. :) 

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