Friday, August 3, 2012


Malacca Trip #5 (Melaka Duck Tour, Tower & Cheng Hoon Teng Temple)

Our tour package includes breakfast. Yesterday was such a tiring day and I had a very good sleep on that night. After breakfast, I still have a few hours to visit the places which I missed out yesterday.

Polices use horse to patrol in the city.

The Duck Tour guide. He only speaks Malay.

We are on the way to the sea and then the car become boat. :)

We are in the sea now. This mosque looks impressive.

Melaka tower can be seen from the sea.

 Back to land again and the car is driving toward the Melaka Tower.

I spotted her again. :)
I didn't have much time to visit on that day as the bus would be leaving at 2pm. After alighting from Duck Tour, I bought tickets for the Tower which cost around RM20++ (can't remember exactly). The riding time is only 7 minutes (very short).  Here we go, these are the photos of Malacca city that I took from the tower.

Everything can be seen from the tower, I don't even need to take the Duck Tour. :(

 After this, I walked to Jonker Walk and visited a few Chinese temples.

After riding the tower, this is an another place I need to visit which is Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. In order to go there, I have to walk about 20 mins from the tower passing the Jonker Walk street. 

It was a very hot day. In my opinion, all the Chinese temple around the world look the same. I went there because this place is one of the highlight attractions of Malacca. There is another temple opposite to this temple which is also quite big in size. 

This temple caught my attention because it has two storeys so I could check what is the surrounding look like and any interesting thing to see around this area. 

From the second floor, I took these photos and realized that there was no other place to go around this area. 

It was a lunch time and I needed to go back to the hotel to do the check out. After all, it was an interesting walk on the street with a lot of old buildings,  souvenirs shops and food stalls.

I had KFC in this shopping center. I really like to eat fired chicken with rice which is only available at Malaysia KFC.

Said good bye to the pigeon family. 

This was the bus which bring us to Singapore. The Malacca to Singapore takes about 4 hrs. 

That is the end of my Malacca trip. In my opinion, Malacca is similar to China Town from Singapore and nothing much to see. However, visiting to a new place is always exciting and taking a lot of photos is the bonus of the trip. 

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