Monday, September 3, 2012


Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda,Yangon

Yangon is not my home town. There are a lot places in Yangon which I have never been before, Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda is one of them. This pagoda is located on Bo Ta Htaung Paya road and very near to the Yangon Port where cargo containers and ships are lining up. Also, a lot of British colony buildings can be found in this area such as Custom house, Strand Hotel, Post office etc.

This way to the pagoda. 

The interior of the pagoda is very different from other pagoda. It is fully painted with gold and air conditioned. 

This giant silver statue looks very impressive.

Opposite to Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda is the Mya Nan Nwe temple. Mya Nan Nwe, a devotee to the Bo Ta Htaung Pagoda. She was known to be a dragon guarding the pagoda. Hundreds of people come to this place to donate offertories and also to ask for blessing of the sister. 
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Sis Mya Nan Nwe's poster.

Devotees of Mya Nan Nwe.

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