Saturday, October 20, 2012


Kyaik Day Yon & Lwan Zaydi Pagdoa

I ate lunch at one of the famous Burmese restaurants  in Than lyin. After that we were heading back to Yangon. On our way, my driver stopped at Kyait Day Yon Pagoda which I have near heard before. The Buddha statue is really huge. I only spend few minutes there.

Now, we reached at Lwan Zaydi. It has a histroy about love so called Burmese version of Romeo & Juilet. There is a river near this Pagoda. As far as I can remember, the guy cross the river to meet his girl friend with the help of crocodile. Strangely enough, he go inside crocodile's mouth and let the crocodile to send him to the other side of river. And then he suffocated to death on the way.  I might be wrong. Correct me if you know the story.

For me, it is very strange that how can a human can go inside crocodile's mouth။ May be he is too small or the crocodile is very big. :)

I am not sure about the history of these beautiful ladies. I think people come here to pay respect to them.  :)

I cannot remember this bridge name. According to my driver, he said photography is not allowed near that bridge. So I took this photo from the pagoda.

This old building is really impressive. I am not sure who live there. It must be a very good place for photography.

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