Friday, October 5, 2012


Kyaik Pa Da Gyi Pagoda (Kyaut Tan)

 I visited this pagoda after Yele Pagoda.  I had a chance to know this place because of Taxi driver's recommendation and I have to tell you that it is really a nice place. This buddha statue is really impressive.

 I have never seen this snack. It is called "Kouk Line Kyi" (ေကာက္လႈိင္းနီမုန္႔)။ I could recalled the name from one of my facebook fan's comment. When I asked her how to make this snack. She told me it made with Lotus so the color turned black.

The taste is like Mandalay Htoo Mont but the smell is very good and unique. It serves with shredded coconut.

Inside the temple, there are a few stalls selling fresh vegetables and snacks.

When I was walking back to the taxi, I saw there are more things to see behind this pagoda so I walked there barefoot.

 Luckily, I took the loud speaker photo. Otherwise, I cannot recall the name of this pagoda.

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