Monday, October 22, 2012


Portrait Photography #1

Since 2010 March, I have been updating my blog with a lot of landscape, travel and food photos. Actually, I did shoot a lot of portrait sas well. The reason I never post portrait photos is that I am worried the model might shy to publicize their photos on the internet and I am also not sure the portrait will appeal my blog reader or not.

Anyway, as the number of my portrait photos are growing very fast, I have decided to share it on my blog. I also feel that it will refresh my blog which is dominated by travel & food photos.

I like to shoot both male and female as long as they are good looking, know how to pose and willing to do whatever I ask.  All the models that I shoot are not professional. They are just normal people like us and who want to be a model. So please be lenient on comment to the models. But please feel free give feedback for the photographer. :)

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