Monday, November 12, 2012


Mahar Kyain Thitsar Shin Pagoda

Burmese fans come to watch the Live show at Thuwana Stadium. I asked my driver to drive me to the North Okkalapa Township which quit far from the place I stay.

Every time I go back to Mandalay, I have to go to North Okkalarpa where the bus terminal is located. On my way to the bus terminal around North Okkalarpa, I always saw the giant Buddha face which I was very curious to know what is this pagoda. So this time, I had decided to visit this pagoda before I went back to Mandalay.

As it can be seen from quite far, I though it is a very giant Buddha statue. Actually, it is not that big, the reason it can be seen from quite far is that it is sitting on the 2 storeys monastery.

When I was there, it was still under construction. I guess only 70% is completed. Anyway I went inside to explore the interior of this pagoda.

It seems like there are rooms inside the body of the Buddha after construction is finished.  
Now I am at the second floor of the monastery. 

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